New tools for you – Every 8 weeks

Christabelle Asoluka
September 12, 2022
Digital tools should not completely replicate traditional methods but optimize current skills and tools for the best results.

The above quote is the philosophy that drives our product development team to innovate our current digital workflow. So that you can do more in less time without compromising on the freedom that comes with digitalization.  

We want to enhance orthotic design customization with simple and intuitive tools that are not only easy to use but are explicitly built because you need them.  

As a company that offers the most straightforward and intuitive software currently available in the market for Orthotists, we try to avoid complicated tools that are "nice to have" but are not particularly beneficial to your efficiency. With this in mind, we constantly are collating feedback from our users on what problems they would like to have solved.  

With the core of our product development cycle driven by feedback from Orthotists, orthopedic technicians, surgeons, hand therapists, and clinicians, we have set a system that offers constant improvements to your workflow. Enhanced customization with 3D printing should not only be focused on the end device but also on the workflow that produces the device.

CPO helping patient wrist orthosis

So we employ you to join us on this journey of a hyper-personalized orthotic fabrication workflow that allows you to do more in less time.  

Every 8 weeks, we will roll out new features, tools, and updates that will not complicate anything you are already familiar with but will improve your general Spentys experience. Our dedicated customer success team will constantly be available to guide you on any new updates and show you how to best utilize these tools for your benefit.  

We promise you that it will never get complicated; it will only get better. Subscribe to our newsletters and get monthly updates on new tools we have built for you. You can also track our evolution on our changes page and see how our application has improved over time.  

Of course, never hesitate to send in your feedback on tools or feature you think we should add. Best of all, you can customize your clinic's specific Spentys software to do precisely what you need it to do based on your current needs.  

We really are dedicated to taking personalization to another level for both Clinician and Patient.  

Have a question? Get in touch and we'd be happy to help you out.


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