Reinventing orthopedics

A new way of creating personalised orthopedic immobilisation devices.
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Spentys is a 3D scanning, 3D modelling and 3D printing platform to produce tailor made orthopedic immobilisation devices.

Why Spentys

Orthopedic surgeon

Improve patient outcome by handling more complex pathologies with increased flexibility.

Better patient outcome.
Treat the complex pathologies with ease.
Increased accuracy on immobilisation
Healthcare provider

Simply scan & send. In 2 days, you’ll receive a fully custom device. All in one simple workflow.

Scan, send & receive.
Custom device ready in under 48 hours.
Simple & tech-driven workflow, low to no capital investment.

Application notes

3D printing is a generic technology that can be applied to any type of pathology. We’ve done numerous other projects. Feel free to reach out.
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For club feet
Read more on how to discover common clubfoot pathologies, what the industry standard revalidation method is & how 3D printing offers a more complete solution to clubfoot treatment.
For Jaccoud’s hand
Read more about how Jaccoud's hand is traditionally treated, how this traditional treatment is insufficient and how 3D technology makes the treatment of Jaccoud's hand more comfortable for the patient.
Distal Radius fracture
The Spentys team is always working on new products to help people with very specific pathologies. If you have a specific pathology that needs to be treated, don't hesitate to contact us!

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