Flexible workflow

Choose for a solution that tailors best to your workflow. Make everything in-house or use our modelling service and state-of-the-art production facilities.

Open system

Whether you use your own scanners and printers or consult with one of our trusted partners. Either way, we will connect all of your preferred hardware to your digital workflow.

Validated workflow

Choose for a workflow that is 100% MDR-compliant while reducing administrative work. By reducing the administrative burden of your work you get more time to focus on the patients.

How it works

3D Scanning


A portable scanner that offers great flexibility during the scanning process and is easy to take along when visiting patients remotely.


The scan data is instantly reviewed by our AI-based software, which enhances the data and automatically corrects imperfections in the scan.


All geometries, variables and irregularities of the patient's limb are scanned with a 1 mm accuracy in less than a minute.  

Digital storage

The patient's 3D scan is stored in the cloud and can always be consulted for reimbursement justification and for device replacements or repairs.

Spentys design application


The Spentys software lets you design the orthosis directly on the patient’s scan through an easy-to-use digital interface.

Guided workflows

Our guided workflows help you step-by-step through the designing process.

Creative freedom

No CAD knowledge required at all. Design the shape of the splint yourself: splint length, position of alveoli, thumb immobilisation, …

Design as a service

With our unique combination of clinical and technical experience, we can help design the most advanced orthoses on the market for you and your patient.

Spentys platform

Keep prints organised

Our platform allows you to easily visualize all your orders and check their production status. Data of the patient is centralised in a secure digital environment.


Spentys platform gives you the possibility to communicate and follow up on all info regarding your 3D activities


Make better decisions based on real-time data. The cloud-based Spentys platform can be used for business intelligence.


If you take care of production yourself, it gives you the possibility to have traceability for all your prints: What printer was used, What spool was used, What material was used, When the print was launched and finished, etc.

3D Printing


Produce in-house with your own 3D printers, or communicate directly with our state-of-the-art production facility through our open platform.


At the end of the product's life-cycle, the orthosis can be recycled, enabling more efficient waste management at your workshop.

Clinically-approved materials

All materials used for 3D printing orthoses are ISO-certified. Furthermore, these materials are waterproof.

Process management

The Spentys platform allows you to monitor the production status of your patient's orthoses in real time.

The perfect fit

High-quality orthoses

All orthoses are produced out of medical-validated materials that have been trough various strength and bio-compatibility tests.


The custom-made orthoses that are developed with this solution are compliant with the existing reimbursement policies worldwide.

Patient experience

Delight your patients by offering lighter, breathable, waterproof orthoses.


The 3D printed orthosis improves skin condition and comfort, and reduces irritation due to breathability and improved hygiene options.
Discover the product features of 3D printed immobilisation devices here

Training, services and support

Expert training

Spentys experts will help you get up and running with your new digital workflow. Everything from installing the printers, connecting to the platform and demonstrating scanning techniques. We provide educational content, hands-on training and webinars on a regular basis.

Dedicated support team

All users get access to authorised support experts, providing rapid assistance. When the need arises we want to be sure that Spentys users can easily reach us and receive maintenance services by technicians.

Unlimited upgrades

As an integral part of the Spentys platform, we included unlimited, automatic software upgrades. We’re constantly improving the platform with new features to enhance clinical performance and user experience.

Getting started is easy

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After receiving your request, a Spentys application specialist will contact you to plan a meeting.
During the first meeting, we will provide initial setup and a practical workshop to get you started.
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