Unlock the full potential of mass-customised 3D printed immobilisation devices

Become a futureproof Doctor & implement a patient-driven approach to treating pathologies.

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Easy to integrate in your existing workflow.
Compliant with reimbursement policies.
Improved rehabilitation & personalisation for patients.

For club feet

Read more on how to discover common clubfoot pathologies, what the industry standard revalidation method is & how 3D printing offers a more complete solution to clubfoot treatment.

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For Jaccouds hand

Read more about how Jaccoud's hand is traditionally treated, how this traditional treatment is insufficient and how 3D technology makes the treatment of Jaccoud's hand more comfortable for the patient.

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All other applications

3D printing is a generic technology that can be applied to any type of pathology. We’ve done numerous other projects. Feel free to reach out.

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Getting your PolyCast

Prescribe, scan & receive the customised immobilisation device.

It’s that simple. Nothing more, nothing less.

PolyCasts are compliant to reimbursement rules in Belgium. Simply prescribe a 3D printed cast to your patients.
Healthcare providers scan & order the immobilisation device. Which takes only a couple of minutes.
PolyCasts are compliant to reimbursement rules in Belgium. Simply prescribe a 3D printed cast to your patients.

Spentys for orthopedic surgeons, that’s:

Easy to implement

Spentys collaborates with healthcare providers to ensure your workflow never changes.

Prescription based

Spentys is compliant with reimbursements rules so everything remains the same.

Custom designs

Custom design requests are our speciality. Treat complex pathologies even better.

Advanced functionality

Our solution enables new features for developing custom made immobilisation devices.

Improved patient comfort

Offer your patients a more personalised & optimised rehabilition.

Let’s get your project started

Whether you want to explore possibilities, do a trial project or want to start using 3D printing for all of your patients. Start below.

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