Meet Polycast

The personalised, 3D printed orthopedic immobilisation device of the future. Allowing the patient to rehabilitate better & fully personalised
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Easy to integrate into the CPO's existing workflow
Compliant with reimbursement policies
Improved rehabilitation & personalisation for patients

Using modern 3D technology

We have done thousands of hours of R&D to make rehabilitation better and fully customised.
Each PolyCast is carefully designed to be up to 10x lighter than a traditional cast. It puts an end to been weighed down so the patient can enjoy its many benefits without trudging through every day of recovery.
With a traditional cast, the patient is denied certain pleasures like the splash and cool of a swim or the refreshment of a shower. This cast allows the patient to shower or swim without the fuss.
We have adapted our production process, so no materials are wasted. Moreover, after the rehabilitation, the patient can return their cast, and it will be recycled. This way, we help to reduce plastic waste without compromising patient care.
Following trauma, physical changes around the affected limb are expected. With the Polycast's simple strap-on mechanism, the patient can adjust their cast when heavy swelling occurs.
Through its unique design, the patient's limb is continuously aerated, reducing irritation. Moreover, the patient does not have to go through the rigor of removal and change when their doctor needs to perform an x-ray.

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