Decrease costs on orthoses, increase patient experience

A complete approach to reducing the cost and labour of fabricating custom-made orthoses. With our Polycast-workflow, you'll be set up in minutes & scanning in seconds.
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Efficient & technology-
driven workflow
Custom designs possible through collaboration
Manage complex cases with personalised technology
Help people rehabilitate in optimised conditions, while reducing cost and labour of fabricating custom-made
Implement your expertise in an even better way with 3D technology. Better for your patients, better for your workflow. Create a win-win situation for patient care outcomes.
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Get your own customised immobilisation device.

Scan, send & receive the customised immobilisation device.
It’s that simple. Nothing more, nothing less.
By 3D scanning the patient's limb, Spentys obtains the exact dimensions while taking into account patient-specific morphologies.
Our patent-pending software automatically models the limb perfectly, creating a unique, strong & lightweight digital cast.
Our state-of-the-art printing facility prints the immobilisation device using the latest of printing technology. Fast, robust & driven by a smart quality management system.

Spentys for healthcare providers, that’s:

Efficient workflow
Improve efficiency and responsiveness by using the Spentys solution.
Win-win care process
Help people rehabilitate in ease while increasing professionalism
Labour optimisation
Develop more accurate immobilisation devices and spend less time making them.
Easy to use and implement in your practice. Get custom-made casts in just 3 steps.
Manage complex cases
Manage more complex cases through our algorithm-driven 3D technology.

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Manage complexity as an orthopedician
A simple workflow for any bandagist
Easier rehabilitation for patients