A practical framework on how to choose a suitable material for 3D-printed custom-made orthoses

Learn more about:

  • How 3D printing can be implemented in orthopedic clinics/workshops
  • The different 3D printing technologies with their pros and cons
  • Real-life use cases of 3D-printed, custom-made orthoses
  • How to find the suitable material and technology for your patient case

Application notes

3D printed braces as a replacement for traditional Jaccoud's Hand cures


  • Scan, send & receive
  • What is the industry-standard revalidation method
  • How 3D printing offers a more complete solution to Jaccoud's Hand
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Application notes

3D printed braces as a replacement for traditional Jaccoud's Hand cures


  • Designing custom-made 3D printed orthoses for Jaccoud’s hand
  • How 3D technology offers a more complete solution to Jaccoud’s hand
  • How to get started treating Jaccoud’s hand with 3D technology
download the application note

Leading orthotists trust in Spentys

"Spentys enables us to swiftly integrate 3D technology within our existing production processes and instruments. The Spentys solution has already proven to be of enormous added value for our patients and our internal procedures."

Luc Coenen

Director at Orthopedie Van Haesendonck
"With the Spentys solution, I can now create orthotics with geometries which previously were impossible to create with the conventional production techniques."

Pieter Debusschere

Owner, physiotherapist & certified orthotist at Ortho-Kin
“The Spentys platform allows our pedorthists to manufacture custom orthopaedic shoes faster and with higher quality. Furthermore, the overall time of our production can be decreased due to 3D print and thus the clients get their product faster.”

Emilien Bossert

Pedorthist at Ortho Lotz
"Thanks to Spentys, we can deliver light-weighted custom-made orthoses with a modern look. All the needs of the patient are combined in the design of the orthoses. Another big advantage is the short delivery time."

Eric Koreman

Certified Orthotist at GOED thuiszorgwinkel
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